#3141EX 125ml. / 4oz. Lighter Fuel

Zippo lighter fuel will keep your Zippo windproof lighter and Zippo refillable hand warmer working at its best. Zippo lighter fuel comes in a 4 oz. can.

  • 4oz. can of lighter fuel
  • Fast Ignition; Low odor
  • Clean burning
  • Made in USA
  • Recommended for optimum performance of Zippo windproof lighter and refillable hand warmers

Note: This product is for all Zippo windproof lighter. It is not for use with the Multi Purpose lighter Flex Neck, Candle lighter or Outdoor Utility lighter

Lighter Specs:

     Height: 5.5″
     Width: 11″
     Depth: 2″
     Weight: 0.3 lbs.